Member Services

Program Design

A gym membership is a great start, but we need more than machines to get us to our goal. All of our memberships include personalized program design that will help you develop the right workout plan for you that will make working out fun and effective.

Nutrition Coaching

More than a meal plan. Our nutrition programs are designed to help you better understand your relationship with food and create healthy habits for long term success in and out of the gym.

Corrective exercise

Little injuries lead to big injuries. Our Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist can help you stay on top of little aches and pains in your workouts and keep them from becoming more serious. 

Personal Training

Our personal training is designed to jump start you towards your goals. Our goal is to give you all of the tools you need to be successful.Every program we write is designed specifically for you. 

Personal Trainers

Rex Andrews

Laura Bush

Jonathan Canales