Designing a Program

Now that you’ve become a member, it’s time to get you started in the gym. We want to offer our members all of the resources we can to be successful in their fitness goals. We realize many people join a gym with a goal in mind, but don’t have a game plan on how to get there. All of our memberships include a meeting with one of our staff where we can outline an introductory program design. This can take all of the guess work out of how to get started and moving towards your goal. 



In order to make the perfect plan for you and your goals, we have to know exactly what you’re setting out to accomplish. The better we can define our goals and map out the challenges we face, the better prepared we are to accomplish your goal. 

Saying “I want to lose weight.” or “I want to be stronger.” are great places to start, but when we make our goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely), we’re much more likely to accomplish them. More on this here

Progression is the Name of the Game

The most successful programs are built around the principle of “periodization” meaning your training rotates through phases of training that complement each other.  For instance, if your goal is to get stronger, your program may require spending three weeks focusing on a Muscular Endurance Phase (strengthening tendons and joints) before moving to a Maximum Strength or Power phase of training.  This allows you to progress towards your goals in a safe and progressive manner. This also gives us short cycles with mini-goals that all trend towards accomplishing your overall goal.

Our Program Design Outlines

  • The appropriate phase of training
  • How to implement strength training (how many reps/sets)
  • What form of cardio best suits you and your goal
  • How to make your program progressive
  • What the next phase of training is to follow

Train With Confidence

We want you to begin your training confident in what you’re doing and  knowing each sessions you spend in the gym is done with purpose.  Schedule your program design session today so you can “Get in, Get Out, and Get Fit!”