Circuit of the Week #1

A Great Place To Start

Hey everyone, Rex here. Periodically, either online, or in the gym we’ve been posting fun workouts to try out.

Because so many people have been asking about previous workouts, or asking where they could get more things to do, we decided that we would be more diligent in providing you a regular resource for new, fun workouts. 

Every week, we will be posting a new Circuit of the Week here on our blog, and giving you a step-by-step instructional for each exercise over on the Pathway Training Facebook Page. 

A great way to use this would be to save the image of the workout on your phone or screenshot it. That way, when you head in to the gym, you’ll have the workout right in your hand. 

About This Workout

If you sit at a desk, or drive for work, odds are your glutes (AKA butt muscles) aren’t doing their jobs. This circuit will wake up any slacking glutes and help you get the most out of any leg day. 

This workout is great for building butt endurance. The entire thing is done with tube bands. This is a great way to apply pressure to our muscles without having to add weights.

Get the full demo for this Circuit on the Pathway Training Facebook page. 

For more exercises, check us out over on Youtube.

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