Circuit of the Week #3

Back to the Legs!

Week 3 and we’re coming at you with a powerful leg workout! Legs are a tricky subject in the gym, and usually, the easiest muscle group to skip over, but working our legs is crucial for a balanced routine. 

1. Legs are huge muscle groups so when you work them you’re burning more calories than any other muscle group.

2. Legs are important for our power, bone density and stability.

Long story short, make sure you work out your legs.

About This Workout

Core, Legs, Stability. What’s not to love?

Whenever we’re working with legs, we want to make sure we wake up our core to protect our lower back,so we kick this one off with some bosu crunches before going in to the leg machines.

4/2/1 (paced) leg presses are a great way to get some burn going quick and get us more comfortable in the full range of motion of the squat/leg press exercise. For these we want to start at the top of the press. Slowly come down to 4 seconds before pausing at the bottom for 2 seconds, and then pressing up in a controlled way, or a 1 count.

The rest of the circuit rolls between working the different muscle groups in our legs and gives us an active rest at the end with bird dogs. Bird dogs are a great way to build our stability and core control.  

Get the full demo for this Circuit on the Pathway Training Facebook page. 

For more exercises, check us out over on Youtube.

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