You Don’t Need A Meal Plan

It’s  no secret that success in the gym is hard to come by without success in your diet as well. Many clients tell me what stops them from being successful in their goals is because all of the noise and constantly changing advice surrounding nutrition. Because of this, there’s too much conflicting information out there and it’s all just too damn confusing. If they just had a meal plan… 

I get it. Everyone from government agencies to nutritionists to our friends can never seem to agree on what the best way to eat healthy is. Even a time traveling dietitian can’t give it to us straight. B

So What Is The Right Move?

Do we hire expensive nutritionists to write out every meal? Do we follow the trendy diet? Or, do we track every calorie? 

These can all be effective for helping us achieve our goal, but the truth is they’re difficult strategies to maintain. The truth is you probably don’t need a meal plan, and you don’t need to track your calories. At least not yet. What gives us long term results is before adopting these difficult strategies, we focus on our underlying habits. 

We Are Creatures of Habit


 In life, we look for routines that work for us. We follow basic guidelines that make us happy and keep things easy. Something like a morning routine that gets us geared up for the day.

On the flip side most of us do not do as well with strict rules. These usually mean restriction and limitation. When it comes to nutrition, exactly the same thing applies.

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Give someone a set of guidelines to follow, they do it; set strict rules and the chances are they will break the rules and just give up. 

For many people who are starting out on improving their nutrition, counting and tracking daily calories is a difficult task. I know from experience following meal plans, motivation for eating chicken and rice only lasts so long.

And here’s the thing – someone new to good nutrition does not need this amount of detail to see results. 

 So, before we think about meal plans and counting calories. Let’s focus on our habits and guidelines. Building a strong relationship with food sets us up for huge successes no matter what kind of diet we follow. 

Example Habits:

  •  Not snacking between meals
  • Eat single ingredient foods
  • Not adding sugar to drinks
  •  Cooking at home vs. cooking out
  • Drinking water with every meal
  • Eat fresh vegetables with every meal

Incorporating these kind of habits seem easy. That’s because they are. It doesn’t have to be difficult or over complicated to see results with our nutrition. You can implement these changes today, and now is the time to make it happen. Don’t wait for tomorrow to start improving your nutrition habits.


If You're Looking For More Help

We are offering a Habit Transformation Program through our nutrition coaching services. It’s an easy to follow, guided, step-by-step process for building that strong foundation with nutrition. For more on that and all of our nutrition coaching services, click here.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, please share it with someone else you think might find it helpful as well. If you have any questions on any of this, you can reach me at

I look forward to seeing you in the gym,

– Rex Andrews

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