New Management

Circuit Fitness Family,

The gym has been open 8 years and I am happy to say we are bringing in a couple guys to bring some new life to the gym! Yes, most everything will be staying the same, but we wanted to bring more value to you as members and I think Rex and Jonathan can deliver!

I truly appreciate everyone who is a member here and I want to keep this gym as a great place to “Get In, Get Out and Get Fit”. If you have any questions or comments that would help improve the gym, please let us know. Our number one goal is to satisfy our members! Thank you again for choosing Circuit Fitness as your workout facility! – Jared Smith

Things to Look For:

– Gym Reorganization –

 To maximize gym use, we will be reformatting our gym layout to include a corrective

exercise station and allow for better flow through workouts.

– Individual Personal Training

The best part about our personal training is that its personal. Use this resource any way

that best suits your needs. We can design entire programs, or make sure you get the

most out of a particularly hard leg day.

– Facebook

 We will be using Facebook a lot more going forward to help you all. Like the Circuit

Fitness Page to keep up with us. Look for Circuits of the Week, Workout Tips, Recipes

and Group Challenges.

Meet The New Team

Rex Andrews

Think of me as a resource. I’ve been a personal trainer for the last six years. In that time, I’ve done everything from training in private studios like this one, to training pro wrestlers in India. I’ve worked with many demographics on just about any goal you can think of. In that time, I’ve put a few different tools in my toolbox. If you are curious about anything fitness related from intermittent fasting to proper deadlift form, or how to map out a good back workout, please don’t hesitate to ask me. As manager here, my first priority is to provide all of our members every tool they need to succeed in their fitness goals. I’m excited to join the Circuit Fitness Family.

Jonathan Canales

Think of me as a guide and companion to help you achieve your fitness goals. I have been studying and working in the fitness industry for the past 8 years while getting my bachelor’s degree in kineseology and master’s in sports management. Throughout this time, I have experienced many obstacles that have pulled me away from my fitness goals. That helps me relate to the struggle of incorporating health and fitness into a busy lifestyle and offer strategies to overcome those obstacles. If you need any help creating a workout program that is catered specifically to your goals or accountability and motivation during your workouts don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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