Circuit Fitness

Porter’s Private Gym and Personal Training Studio

Open 7 days a week from 5:00 AM to Midnight


About Our Gym

Circuit fitness is the answer to the “Big Box Gym” experience. Being a local, private gym allows us to offer a unique experience to our members.

What you will find at Circuit Fitness:

– Privacy

– Great Service

– Neighborhood Feel

– Friendly Environment

We are conveniently located at FM 1314 and Sorters Rd. in Porter, TX. Easy access to both 59 and the Grand Parkway. Our location allows us to be the perfect place to Get In, Get Out, and Get Fit.

Your Goals

We want to make sure that It all starts with you and your goals. Effective goal setting will allow you to visualize your goal in your mind and the required steps to make that happen. As our gift to you, we would like to offer you our goal setting worksheet.

Member Services

Program Design

All of our memberships include complementary program design. Our staff will help you develop the game plan that will allow you to ensure every workout is done with purpose.

Personal Training

Our individual personal training sessions are the premier way to get you to your goals as fast as possible.

Additional Services

Click here to see all of our additional services.

What our customers say

Our members are like our family. We are always glad to hear  what they have to say,

Megan Stephens
Megan Stephens
Location and hours are convenient. Staff is super nice and helpful. Facilities are clean and provide plenty of the basic workout equipment.
Albert Ho
Albert Ho
It's like having the convenience of your personal gym without the hassle of maintaining one. And on top of that, you have two great resources that can help you reach your goals.
Joshua Draper
Joshua Draper
I just thought this place was outstanding. It felt personal, they had all the equipment I needed, and Rex and Jonathan really are great. They offered me some new exercises that were really fun and I'll probably use them for years.
Sebastian Lozano
Sebastian Lozano
Love going to this gym. Never crowded and feels like my own private gym while I am there. They have everything you need.
Elizabeth Villareal
Elizabeth Villareal
Awesome gym! Very private and quiet. Convenient hours and amazing management team.

Call (281) 948-3406 to Schedule a tour today and start your fitness journey. Whatever your fitness level, we have the facility and knowledge to help achieve your goals